Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications carrier and a world-class, fully-integrated, full-service provider across wireline (copper, fiber, coaxial cable, and HFC), satellite, and digital wireless networks and platforms. Telstra has more than 10 million household, business, and wholesale customers and is also Australia’s leading Internet service provider through its ISP called Big Pond. Big Pond was a marketplace winner because it had more of nearly everything – broadband, business software, games, movies, you name it. In short, Telstra has the most highly-accessed family of Internet portals and sites, and provides entertainment and multimedia content over its broadband network – including the world’s largest, fastest, and most advanced mobile Internet – and through its pay-TV joint venture, Foxtel. Telstra owns and operates one of the most technologically advanced networks, offering end-to-end solutions ranging from broadband, IP, mobile, and intelligent network services, to voice and data network hubs, call centres, and advanced multimedia and e-commerce applications. It has business operations in the Asia-Pacific region, North America, the UK, and Europe.

Key achievements under Sol’s leadership:

  • Privatized a previously government-owned telecommunications ultility.
  • Built an integrated media-communications company with CATV, Internet, directories, phone, and satellite.
  • Built the world’s largest, fastest, most advanced mobile Internet – a high-speed wireless 3G network.
  • Achieved highest user and revenue growth in the industry.
  • Grew average revenue per user (ARPU) by approximately 15 percent and data ARPU by more than 200 percent.
  • Created Hong Kong’s largest mobile business.
  • Changed the company’s focus from products to the customer experience.


“He obviously knows his industry pretty well and he’s very much a full-service telco man. He’s got a record and talks well about what he’s achieved.”

Ian Martin, ABN Amro telecommunications analyst

“From Accenture’s global perspective-and based on our work with companies in the Fortune Global 500, Telstra is undertaking an industry-defining transformation program. This is one of the most significant, comprehensive and customer-focused IT and business transformations ever undertaken, and that Accenture has been involved with…this is one of the most complex and comprehensive business transformations, spanning multiple product domains and supporting all network upgrades concurrently. Also; the program is not just about an integrated customer care and billing technology-it also supports the introduction of new, next-generation products, simplifying processes and improving the cultural approach of the organization.”

Bill Green, CEO Accenture

“The role we are normally asked to play sees us doing a lot of systems integration work, we do network work, we do a lot of strategy work, we do a lot of business work. But at Telstra we’re bringing all of that together and it’s unique.”

Ab Krall, Accenture