Graviton, Inc. was a high-tech, privately-held, development-stage company located in La Jolla, California. Graviton was a pioneer in the emerging “sensornetics” industry – producing small, aspirin-sized sensors to expand the capacity of the public and private sectors to manage buildings, infrastructure, and other elements of the engineered world. Graviton developed sensor technology to keep managers informed, used wireless communications to provide operations data and real-time connections, and provided managed information services to keep managers in control. Graviton’s integrated solutions were designed to expand the “common sense” of managers and decision-makers at every level by generating, transmitting, and managing new data to provide more accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence to better inform everyday decision-making. In 2003, Graviton merged with Xsilogy, a provider of wireless sensor network technologies and applications.

Sol's Biography

Solomon D. (“Sol”) Trujillo is a global telecommunications, media, and cable industry executive born in Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1951. He has served as CEO of large-cap media-communications companies in the US, the EU, and Asia-Pacific regions. A digital pioneer and long a champion of high-speed broadband to stimulate productivity and advance innovation across all sectors of the economy, Sol is actively engaged in media-comms businesses in both developed and emerging markets, from China and South Asia to North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. He sits on corporate boards in the US, EU, and China – including Target and Promerica Bank of Los Angeles, where he is vice chairman; China’s Silk Road Technologies, where he is chairman; and Weather Investments, headquartered in Rome with investments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


“He obviously knows his industry pretty well and he’s very much a full-service telco man. He’s got a record and talks well about what he’s achieved.”

Ian Martin, ABN Amro telecommunications analyst

“From Accenture’s global perspective-and based on our work with companies in the Fortune Global 500, Telstra is undertaking an industry-defining transformation program. This is one of the most significant, comprehensive and customer-focused IT and business transformations ever undertaken, and that Accenture has been involved with…this is one of the most complex and comprehensive business transformations, spanning multiple product domains and supporting all network upgrades concurrently. Also; the program is not just about an integrated customer care and billing technology-it also supports the introduction of new, next-generation products, simplifying processes and improving the cultural approach of the organization.”

Bill Green, CEO Accenture

“The role we are normally asked to play sees us doing a lot of systems integration work, we do network work, we do a lot of strategy work, we do a lot of business work. But at Telstra we’re bringing all of that together and it’s unique.”

Ab Krall, Accenture