Sol Trujillo


A business wins through differentiation in all its functions: the customer experience, products and services, value proposition, and human performance (not the least during assessment and evaluation time).

Some examples of differentiation in action include:

  • At USW and Telstra we introduced market-based management (MBM) that included massive research into the wants and needs of the consumer. In Australia, we conducted more than 400,000 interviews so that we could understand consumer needs, desires, experiences, and expectations.
  • At Telstra we established more than 50 consumer, business, and wholesale market segments that were linked to every other part of the business – from sales and customer care to product development – so we could respond with products and services tailored to the needs of identifiable market segments.
  • At Telstra we established interactive retail stores where consumers could have a hands-on experience assisted by technology-savvy sales consultants who could help them see new possibilities for changing their lives by using our products and services.
  • At US West and Telstra we established a performance management system, bringing discipline and rigor to the performance review process to spotlight merit and reward truly high-performance when it happened.